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gltext::Glyph Class Reference

#include <gltext.h>

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Public Methods

virtual int GLTEXT_CALL getWidth ()=0
 Returns width in pixels.

virtual int GLTEXT_CALL getHeight ()=0
 Returns height in pixels.

virtual int GLTEXT_CALL getXOffset ()=0
 Returns the X offset of this glyph when it is drawn.

virtual int GLTEXT_CALL getYOffset ()=0
 Returns the Y offset of this glyph when it is drawn.

virtual int GLTEXT_CALL getAdvance ()=0
virtual void GLTEXT_CALL render (u8 *pixels)=0
virtual void GLTEXT_CALL renderBitmap (u8 *pixels)=0

Detailed Description

Represents a particular shape in a font used to represent one or more characters.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int GLTEXT_CALL gltext::Glyph::getAdvance   [pure virtual]

Returns the number of pixels the pen should move to the right to draw the next character

virtual void GLTEXT_CALL gltext::Glyph::render u8 *    pixels [pure virtual]

Renders the glyph into a buffer of width * height bytes. A value of 0 means the pixel is transparent; likewise, 255 means opaque.

virtual void GLTEXT_CALL gltext::Glyph::renderBitmap u8 *    pixels [pure virtual]

renderBitmap() is the same as render, except that it only uses values 0 and 255. These bitmaps may look better on two-color displays.

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